Rabbitcorn - Fall 2014/15 Factoria Rent Me collection


A Californian scientist focuses her life on the obsession to create the perfect "Rabbitcorn". Her constant obfuscation on unicorns will lead her to experiment first with several number of animal species without success, leading to her an investment of all her entire capital, ending without a house and forced to live in a caravan.
After many failed attempts to creatively birth a Rabbitcorn, and on the verge of bankruptcy.  She finally created the Rabbitcorn successfully, this genisis was the first its kind.
Across the oceans, there are several lovers seeking such a rare specimen. In the film one of them manages to buy online the only Rabbitcorn in existence.
Both characters speak intimately verbally as well as telepathically with our camera, explaining what things hold meaning for them. Their revolutionary conversation is filled with idealistic exchanges of how each of them found the Rabbitcorn and how their lives changed.


Rabbitcon 2014. Los Angeles.

Directed by Rocio Mesa

Starring; Ashley Tran and Carolina D-C
Rabbits; Loreta and Lucinda

Executive producer; Andrés Rosende

Associate producers; Douglas Flahaut, Brice Hallock and George Kimmel IV

Costume designer: Carolina Diez-Cascón

Make-up artist; Martina di Napoli

Music: Esfera Lenticular Clouds

Graphics: Jose María Rubio