In a Bubballo Sphere exhibition. Pantocratorgallery. SHANGHAI

" In a Bubaloo Sphere"  17 oct. / 24 oct. 2013
Opening show 17 oct. 8pm Pantocrator Gallery Shanghai
Shanghai Fashion Week

Factoria Rent Me is an independent label founded in Barcelona and established in Los Angeles, London and Barcelona. Its philosophy is based on the union between fashion and art. We believe that fashion is able to create sensations and feelings as powerful as the ones created by art. According to this principal, Factoria Rent Me has collaborated its collections with very well known independent artists like Tom Sandford or Elena Monzo. The company also develops personal art projects, evidencing the successful combo of fashion and art.

For the next summer 2014, we present uor new collection; "In a Bubbaloo Sphere". A femenine and delicate collection that aims to create a comfort atmosphere. "A Bubbaloo Sphere!, where you can feel safe within the current crisis world environment.Bubballoo Sphere is a place that everybody could could build inside them, but day by day are using to lose the capacity to do it, forgetting their pink powers and feeling lost in the past, building a dark future without ilusions. Young people need to continue dreaming and living in pink color. That is why this new collection wants to remind everybody that younger generations should have the power of hope and even the expectations for an idyllic world. The contemporary society is so aggresive and pessimistic that is endangering the right of dreaming.

This new collection has been created with a strong Asiatic inspiration and cartoonish reminiscences. A new world full of colorful illusions. Comic books, dolls, paper flowers...the printed artworks are inspired by romantic flowers and candy, between the reality and the oneiric side, with surrealist distortions and exclusive jacquards. Pink, orange, blue, bubble colors that create the perfect Bubbaloo Sphere.

The collection will be presented in an exhibition during the Shanghai fashion week at Pantocrator Gallery, an amazing gallery in the middle of the M50 district, inside Shangte space, an ancient textile factory. The premiere will be a show in collaboration with the video artist Aleix Duran, the photographer Mireia Grau and the amazing illustrations of the artist Berto Martinez. Factoria Rent Me travels to Shanghai to feature an unforgettable show and to find the origins of its textile history.
The brand is reaching a new future, where tradition, innovation and hope are united. A new ray of light in the darkness, an Asiatic cartoon world.